Chartered Accountants

Providing quality accounting and taxation services at a sensible cost

Our experienced team of Chartered Accountants has built a professional, yet approachable network of clients, contacts and know-how for over 20 years. The practice is up to date and fully committed to the online era in every respect.

This friendly and flexible approach can therefore make your experience of dealing with financial affairs less stressful and well advised, yet fully secure.

At Bexons, we offer wide-ranging professional services from a well-trusted accountancy practice, in order to take the pressure off you when it comes to dealing with financial matters.

Whatever your concern, be it finance sourcing and the preparation of business plans or the preparation of tax returns and accounts, we provide a top quality service at a reasonable cost. We are always happy to provide a quote if you are interested in becoming a client at Bexons, your first meeting with us being free of charge.

For over 20 years, Bexons has provided a friendly and approachable service in order to build up a valued network of clients, contacts and know-how. We place great emphasis on communicating on a jargon-free basis with our clients to the fullest extent possible; we know the accounting profession can be hard to understand!

While we provide these services, your time can be spent solely on your business activity. We can do as much or as little book-keeping as our client’s desire.

Based in the heart of the West Bridgford community, our convenient location can allow regular meetings to take place in person instead of over the phone or via email.

Bexons are a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Our practice contains fully qualified chartered accountants, supported by our vastly experienced tax department, in order to cover the majority of business and tax issues likely to arise for individuals, traders and companies alike.

We pride ourselves on being approachable; meaning the relationships we form are firmly professional; yet relaxed in order for both parties to maximise results.

As well as this, we always try to go the extra mile, something that we believe other accountants fail to do. A section of our team are constantly insuring we are staying pro-active by searching for potential grants or loans which could benefit you or your business.

We don’t have to, but we feel that wherever possible it is our job to save our clients as much money as possible.

As the practice has been operating effectively for over two decades, we have a firm understanding of what our clients demand from us.

We have built our core values around trust; especially when it comes to confidentiality as evidenced by the recently installed Bexons Document Exchange. This allows information to flow between our clients and ourselves, culminating with the facility for documents to be signed and approved online with just a click of a button; but most importantly is secure and private.

Furthermore, all processes are performed locally in our West Bridgford offices, no outsourcing of services being undertaken.

We take the time and effort to assess each individual client uniquely, as not every client is the same. We therefore have become flexible over time in order to service each individual client accordingly.

This couldn’t be better demonstrated than by our commitment to cloud based accounting systems, supported remotely by ourselves. Clients wishing to contribute to their own book-keeping can do so to the extent that they are comfortable with, only calling on our resources as required

As accountants, we believe that we should be ahead of the game before things change. There is a lot of information and schemes out there which other accountants don’t have the time to acknowledge and process. At Bexons, we pride ourselves on being on top of any new money saving techniques or finance, such as new regional grant and loan schemes.

Being a member of the D2N2 (Local Enterprise Partnership for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire) scheme and supporters of the Rushcliffe Borough Partnership, helps us maintain contemporary practice.

This means we are constantly up to date with any new loan or grant scheme which can ultimately save you money. Also, the business contacts we encounter through these partnerships could be of use to you or your business.

We always welcome new clients. Whether you are an individual or small to medium size business, we would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to contact us, or even arrange a first initial meeting free of charge.