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Finance Bill 2019-20 shelved

06 November 2019

The Government’s draft finance bill has been shelved as we countdown to the general election on 12

What is a negligible value claim?

06 November 2019

A negligible value claim is a claim made by a taxpayer when an asset they own has become of negligible

Employing someone to work in your home

06 November 2019

When you employ someone to work in your home, it is your responsibility to meet the employee's rights

Interest on children’s savings

06 November 2019

All children in the UK have their own personal annual tax allowance. However, anti-avoidance laws prevent

Transfer of business as a going concern

06 November 2019

The transfer of a business as a going concern (TOGC) rules cover the VAT implications when a business is

What is a joint venture?

06 November 2019

A joint venture is a commercial enterprise undertaken by two or more parties who otherwise retain their

The meaning of 'goodwill' for CGT purposes

06 November 2019

The meaning of goodwill for CGT purposes is complex. The term 'goodwill' is rarely mentioned in

Tax Diary November/December 2019

31 October 2019

1 November 2019 - Due date for Corporation Tax due for the year ended 31 January 2019. 19 November 2019

Coding out debts deadline

29 October 2019

You can have tax underpayments collected via an adjustment to your PAYE tax code, provided you are in

Just under 100 days to go

29 October 2019

HMRC has published a news release to remind you that there is now less than 100 days to file your 2018-19

What you must do when charging VAT

29 October 2019

When you issue a VAT invoice to your customer, you must ensure that you charge the correct rate of VAT.

Costs you can claim against your self-employed business

29 October 2019

If you are self-employed it is important to be aware if an expense is allowable for tax deduction

Using the cash basis for property businesses

29 October 2019

The cash basis scheme helps sole traders and other unincorporated businesses benefit from a simpler way

Pecuniary liability treated as income

29 October 2019

A pecuniary liability can occur when a monetary obligation is fulfilled by an employer, when by law, the

Sale of income for a capital sum

29 October 2019

A capital sum received by an individual in respect of the sale or relinquishment of income - derived from

November Budget cancelled

25 October 2019

Sajid Javid has cancelled the Budget that was due to be presented to Parliament 6th November. As the UK

31 October paper Self-Assessment filing deadline

23 October 2019

The 2018-19 tax return deadline for submitting your paper Self-Assessment returns is 31 October 2019.

Win while you save

23 October 2019

HM Treasury has announced the trial launch of a new PrizeSaver account with participating credit unions.

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