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Will you have to repay Child Benefit for 2018-19?

17 July 2019

The High Income Child Benefit charge applies to taxpayers whose income exceeds £50,000 in a tax

Be wary of 60% Income Tax charge

17 July 2019

For high earning taxpayers the personal allowance is gradually reduced by £1 for every £2 of

Tax simplification for self-employed

17 July 2019

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) was established in July 2010 to provide advice to the Chancellor

Rules for off-payroll working from April 2020

17 July 2019

The rules for individuals providing services to the public sector via an intermediary such as a Personal

Corporate Capital Loss Restriction

17 July 2019

Under current rules up to 100% of chargeable gains can be set against carried-forward capital losses. For

Draft legislation for Finance Bill 2019-20

17 July 2019

The Government has published the draft legislation for Finance Bill 2019-20, along with accompanying

Reminder to renew your tax credit claim

17 July 2019

Families and individuals that receive tax credits should ensure that they renew their tax credit claims

Home to work travel that may be allowed

10 July 2019

Whilst there is usually no tax relief for ordinary commuting - home to work - there are a number of

Its still possible to claim 100% tax allowance for electric vehicles

10 July 2019

First Year Allowances (FYA’s) are available for expenditure on new unused electric vehicles and

When you can’t reclaim VAT

10 July 2019

For most fully taxable businesses, VAT can be reclaimed on goods and services used in the business. This

Disposal of goodwill – capital or income

10 July 2019

The First-Tier Tribunal (FTT), in the case of Villar v Revenue and Customs examined whether the disposal

OpRA’s defined

10 July 2019

The Optional Remuneration Arrangements (OpRA) legislation was introduced with effect from 6 April 2017.

Loss buying restrictions

10 July 2019

Under qualifying circumstances, Corporation Tax (CT) relief is available where your company makes a

Changes to the Employment Allowance

10 July 2019

It was announced as part of the Autumn Budget 2018 measures that access to the Employment Allowance was

New guidance on cookies published

09 July 2019

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has published new guidance on the use of cookies and

New cyber security guidance published

01 July 2019

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published guidance to help small to medium sized

Reducing penalties for late disclosure of income

01 July 2019

You can use the Digital Disclosure Service (DDS), if you need to make a voluntary disclosure of income or

Advising HMRC of changes in your personal details

01 July 2019

If your personal details change, you may be required to notify HMRC as this can affect your entitlement

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