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Child benefit when child turns 16

09 September 2021

Taxpayers entitled to the child benefit should be aware that HMRC usually stop paying child benefit on

Deadline for notifying an option to tax (VAT) land and buildings

09 September 2021

There are special VAT rules that allow businesses to standard rate the supply of most non-residential and

Back to school – help with childcare costs

09 September 2021

As children have returned to school, HMRC is reminding parents that they may be eligible for Tax-Free

National Insurance increase to fund NHS and social care

08 September 2021

The Prime Minister announced increases in National Insurance Contributions (NIC) of 1.25% from April

Dividend tax increase announced

08 September 2021

The 1,25% increase in NIC contributions from April 2022 will be mirrored by a similar increase in the tax

Claiming CGT Gift Hold-Over relief

02 September 2021

Gift Hold-Over Relief is effectively a deferral of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when assets are given away

Tax relief on charitable donations

02 September 2021

If you are a higher rate or additional rate taxpayer, you are eligible to claim relief on the difference

How to deal with tax appeals

02 September 2021

There are a number of options open to taxpayers who disagree with a tax decision issued by HMRC. It is

Tax treatment of incentive award schemes

02 September 2021

Companies use incentive award schemes to encourage their employees in various ways. For example, to sell

Income excluded from UK property business

02 September 2021

HMRC publishes a list of income streams that are excluded from a UK property business. The list includes

Scope and legal basis of VAT

02 September 2021

The scope and legal basis of how VAT is charged on taxable supplies is defined as follows in the VAT Act

Tax Diary September/October 2021

26 August 2021

1 September 2021 - Due date for Corporation Tax due for the year ended 30 November 2020. 19 September

Reporting travel and subsistence benefits

26 August 2021

There is no requirement to report certain routine expenses to HMRC. The types of expenses and benefits

Covering pension contributions with unused allowances

26 August 2021

The annual allowance for tax relief on pensions is currently set at £40,000. The annual allowance is

Recovering VAT on car purchases

26 August 2021

There are complex VAT rules that determine how you can recover VAT on car purchases. The usual fallback

VAT capital goods scheme overview

26 August 2021

The VAT Capital Goods Scheme (CGS) is a means of adjusting the initial VAT recovery in respect of certain

Corporation Tax loss buying

26 August 2021

Under qualifying circumstances, Corporation Tax (CT) relief is available where a company makes a trading

Rental business – post cessation transactions

26 August 2021

There are special rules for the taxation of post-cessation transactions after a trade has ceased. The

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