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Domicile and IHT

26 May 2022

Domicile is a general legal concept which in basic terms is taken to mean the country where you

New measures to help with the cost-of-living crisis

26 May 2022

As expected, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has announced a new package of support measures in a statement

Tax Diary June/July 2022

19 May 2022

1 June 2022 - Due date for corporation tax due for the year ended 31 August 2021. 19 June 2022 - PAYE

UK Infrastructure Bank set-up

19 May 2022

The UK Infrastructure Bank Bill, announced as part of the measures in the Queen’s speech, represents the

Free company information

19 May 2022

There is a significant amount of information about companies that can be obtained from Companies House.

VAT – discounts and free gifts

19 May 2022

When you issue an invoice to your customer, you must ensure that you charge the correct rate of VAT.

Intrastat – trading goods with EU

19 May 2022

Intrastat declarations were historically used to collect information on the movement of goods from the UK

Corporation Tax – reminder HMRC contact details

19 May 2022

HMRC can be called by phone on 0300 200 3410 for help with general Corporation Tax enquiries. You will

Access to cash protection increased

18 May 2022

The new Financial Services and Markets Bill, announced as part of the Queen's speech, will provide

Reminder to look out for tax credit renewal packs

12 May 2022

HMRC is currently sending the annual tax credit renewal packs to some 2.1 million tax credit claimants

Holiday lets occupancy check

12 May 2022

The furnished holiday let (FHL) rules allow holiday lettings of properties that meet certain conditions

When you are required to register for PAYE

12 May 2022

There are a multitude of rules that new businesses must follow when they start employing staff for the

ISAs 2022-23

12 May 2022

The maximum amount that can be invested in an ISA in the current (2022-23) tax year is £20,000. ISA’s

Structures and Buildings Allowances

12 May 2022

The Structures and Buildings Allowances (SBA) allows for tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure on

Income excluded from a property business

12 May 2022

HMRC publishes a list of income streams that are excluded from a UK property business. The list includes

Mortgage interest on rented property

05 May 2022

Under new rules that came into effect from April 2017 the tax relief on mortgage costs for residential

Builders – when you may not have to charge VAT

05 May 2022

VAT for most work on houses and flats by builders and similar trades, like plumbers, plasterers and

Tax benefits of switching to electric cars

05 May 2022

There are many benefits to encourage the use of electric cars including lower running costs, the

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