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Record number of taxpayers file on time

08 February 2024

HMRC has confirmed that more than 11.5 million people submitted their 2022-23 self-assessment tax returns

Reporting employee changes to HMRC

08 February 2024

There are rules that businesses must follow when they are reporting employee changes. These changes must

Landlords - claiming maintenance and repairs costs

08 February 2024

Landlords are able to claim for allowable expenses as a deduction from their rental income when

Should you pay tax on selling goods online?

08 February 2024

HMRC has published new guidance for taxpayers that regularly sell goods or services through an online

Using your own vehicles for work-related journeys

08 February 2024

If you are an employee and use your own money to buy things you need for your job you can sometimes claim

Government promotes electric vehicles

06 February 2024

The government department active in the promotion of electric vehicles has published guidance regarding

Does your business offer customs services?

06 February 2024

If your business does offer customs services, did you know that HMRC could offer you a free listing on

Time to Pay your tax

01 February 2024

Businesses and self-employed people in financial distress, and with outstanding tax liabilities, may be

Penalties if you missed the filing deadline

01 February 2024

Have you missed the 31 January 2024 filing deadline for your 2022-23 self-assessment return? If you have

File early to have self-assessment tax coded out

01 February 2024

The coding out threshold may entitle you to have tax underpayments collected via your tax code when you

Joining or leaving the VAT Cash Accounting Scheme

01 February 2024

The VAT Cash Accounting Scheme can offer useful benefits to small businesses. Under standard VAT

Capital sums derived from assets

01 February 2024

HMRC’s guidance is clear that where a capital sum is derived from an asset, the relevant legislation

Do you need to tell HMRC about additional income?

01 February 2024

There is an online tool that allows taxpayers to check if they need to notify HMRC about additional

Changes at Companies House

29 January 2024

Companies House have issued an update on their first implementation of changes brought about by The

Does your business have a March year end date?

29 January 2024

Leaving aside tax planning issues all businesses should be considering business planning opportunities if

Correcting payroll mistakes

25 January 2024

Employers generally use payroll software or other payroll services to record employees pay, deductions

Reporting company car changes

25 January 2024

There is a requirement to notify HMRC if you make any company cars available for private use by company

Do you need to register for self-assessment?

25 January 2024

There are a number of reasons why you might need to complete a self-assessment tax return. This includes

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