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Basic Corporation Tax reliefs

11 December 2019

There are a significant number of reliefs that can reduce the amount of Corporation Tax your company

VAT Flat Rate Scheme capital expenditure

11 December 2019

The VAT Flat Rate scheme (FRS) has been designed to simplify the way a business accounts for VAT and

Inheritance Tax Agricultural Property Relief

11 December 2019

There are a number of reliefs available that can reduce liability to IHT. The most relevant for farmers

When National Insurance Credits can be claimed

11 December 2019

National Insurance credits can help qualifying applicants to fill gaps in their National Insurance

X-factor Charity single

11 December 2019

The Government will waive the VAT equivalent on the sales of this year’s X Factor Celebrity

Awareness of data protection fee campaign

05 December 2019

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a campaign aimed at contacting all

Updated calculator on calculating holiday entitlement

05 December 2019

The Government has published a revised holiday entitlement calculator, intended as a temporary

Shared parental leave entitlements

04 December 2019

The shared parental leave and pay rules offer working parents’ far greater choice as to how they

Child Benefit tax charge

04 December 2019

The High Income Child Benefit tax charge could apply to you or your partner if either of your individual

Loss of tax personal allowance

04 December 2019

If your income is expected to exceed £100,000 for the first time, we would like to remind you of

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