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Selling the family heirlooms

18 June 2019

There are special rules concerning the payment of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the sale of personal

When does ATED apply?

18 June 2019

The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) came into effect from 1 April 2013. The tax applies to

VAT and disaggregation

18 June 2019

The artificial separation of businesses is where two or more businesses are split, and each

HMRC’s complaint handling process

18 June 2019

Taxpayers may find themselves in a position where they need to make a complaint to HMRC. Complaints can

HMRC cancels penalties charged to 6,000 families

12 June 2019

The High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC) was introduced in January 2013 and applies a charge to

Free television licences scrapped for over-75s

12 June 2019

The TV licence fee has not been payable by those aged 75 or over since 2001. During 2015, the government

Genuine HMRC messages

11 June 2019

HMRC has issued an updated version of their online guidance on Genuine HMRC contact and recognising

Free information about companies

11 June 2019

A surprising amount of free information about companies is available from Companies House. This is in

Employer owned property and sub-letting

11 June 2019

In some industries, employers provide accommodation to employees because this is required by the nature

Cashback schemes and tax

11 June 2019

Statement of Practice 4/97 sets out HMRC’s views on the correct treatment for tax purposes of

VAT reverse charge construction industry

11 June 2019

A change to the VAT rules first announced at Budget 2018, will come into effect from 1 October 2019. This

HMRC blocks phone fraudsters

11 June 2019

Fraudsters have been blocked from using HMRC’s most used helpline numbers after the introduction of

On your e-bike

11 June 2019

The Cycling Minister, Michael Ellis, has announced a number of changes to the Cycle to Work scheme in an

Working past retirement age

04 June 2019

There are many taxpayers who have reached the State Pension age and continue to work. In most cases they

Working from home allowance

04 June 2019

If you are self-employed and running a business from your home, there are simplified arrangements

Working tax credits you could claim

04 June 2019

The Working Tax Credit (WTC) is designed to help taxpayers on low incomes by providing top-up payments

New crackdown on funeral plans

04 June 2019

The government has announced new plans to crackdown on high pressure and bullying tactics to sell pre

What records must a VAT trader keep?

04 June 2019

There are distinct rules that VAT registered businesses must follow when keeping VAT records. This

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