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Penalties for late filing of Self-Assessment tax returns

28 December 2019

The 31 January is not just the final date for submission of your Self-Assessment tax return but also an

Take advantage of the Annual Investment Allowance

28 December 2019

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) allows business owners to claim the total amount of qualifying

Top up your pension pots

28 December 2019

You can claim tax relief for your private pension contributions. The current annual allowance for tax

Exemptions from CGT

28 December 2019

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax on the profit made on the disposal of an asset that has increased in

What is reasonable care

28 December 2019

The inaccuracy penalty system is intended to make penalties simpler to understand and more consistent

Basis periods and change of accounting date

28 December 2019

HMRC’s guidance lists the following useful examples about a change of accounting date: If your

Paying wages to connected persons

28 December 2019

The definition of a connected person for tax purposes includes certain relatives, trustees, partners and

Advice from Government when buying children's presents

18 December 2019

As the election upheavals are now completed, the government has issued a timely news release to help

Government alert for charities

18 December 2019

The Charity Commission is the non-ministerial department responsible for registering and regulating

Cash gifts this Christmas

18 December 2019

We thought it would be useful to remind our readers of the IHT implications of making cash gifts this

Could you claim a Christmas tax bonus?

18 December 2019

If you are entitled to the marriage allowance and have not yet applied, then you could receive a

Duty free limits if you are travelling abroad

18 December 2019

Here is a reminder of your duty and tax free allowances if travelling abroad this Christmas. Travelling

When VAT should not be charged

18 December 2019

When a VAT registered business issues an invoice to their customer, they must seek to ensure that they

Overview of foreign income taxation

18 December 2019

Income Tax is generally payable on taxable income received by individuals including earnings from

Giving away a home before death

18 December 2019

The majority of gifts made during a person's life, including gifting away a home, are not subject to

PAYE payment dates

11 December 2019

We would like to remind employers about the electronic PAYE payment dates. The due date for electronic

Capital Gains Tax reliefs for businesses

11 December 2019

If you are in business as a self-employed sole trader or as part of a partnership, then you will be

Basic Income Tax reliefs

11 December 2019

As we are now almost three-quarters of the way through yet another tax year it can be useful to consider

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